Success is a Team Effort. With the right team, you're unstoppable!

In this profession, it’s so easy to develop a “Lone Ranger” mentality. It’s me and my practice against the world!  But this is such a dangerous philosophy that, I believe, prevents many good Doctors from becoming great.

I'm Dr. Rob Schiffman and I've made it my mission to resource like-minded Doctors with the tools to Reach the World with Chiropractic.

I'm on a mission to Reach the World with Chiropractic

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Iron sharpens iron. And, good Chiropractors reach greatness when they are resourced and challenged by fellow Chiropractors.

The more I look back at my 30+ years as a Chiropractor, having built one of the largest practices in history, the more I realize my successes were built on the shoulders of incredible mentors that guided me along the way. I can recall the wise advice of Dr. Clarence Gonstead, whom I learned from him first-hand. I can point back to specific conversations I had with colleagues that helped me avoid unseen pitfalls and setbacks. I have memories of encouraging words spoken by life-long friends and fellow Chiropractors that pushed me forward time and time again.

Simply put: You cannot reach your full potential by going it alone.

Champions are led by winning coaches. And, as I coach, I have the honor of personally mentoring world-class Chiropractors who are literally Reaching the World with Chiropractic.

JoshuaSteinkeJoshua Steinke
Steinke Family Chiropractic

Dr. Rob equipped me with the tools, knowledge, and resources to hit the ground running from Day 1 of graduating school. In my first year we peaked at 665 practice visits per week. In our second year, we grew even more. Now in our third year, we are the largest solo practitioner office in the state of Ohio. (And still growing)

JasonSaboDr. Jason Sabo
Inside-Out Chiropractic Center

Being a part of Elite Coaching has completely changed our lives. We have learned so much about being people of integrity, living a life of honesty and most importantly having a principled Chiropractic life. Our office has quadrupled in size now seeing over 1000 practice members a week since being with Dr. Schiffman.

Are you ready to dramatically next level your practice?

I've dedicated my life to the calling of Chiropractic. I truly believe my coaching program will provide you with the tools to transform your personal and professional life, as it has for so many others

As a client, you can expect:

  • An initial consultation to help me understand your present situation, establish your vision for the future, and personalize a coaching program that will help you reach your goals.
  • Live and recorded access to my monthly Doctor's-Only Conference Call. During these calls I  share many of the success principles that have proved effective in my own practice.
  • Live and recorded access to the monthly Team Conference Call. This call is designed to help rally your team for the month ahead with inspirational stories and encouragement in their role as Chiropractic Professionals.
  • One-On-One Coaching Calls (twice a month). These calls are power packed opportunities to refocus on the goal you've set for your practice.
  • Complete Office Stats Analysis to help you see, understand, and better project trends within your office.
  • You and your spouse will receive complimentary access to events and conferences.