About Dr. Rob Schiffman & RTW Chiropractic


Dr. Rob Schiffman

Dr. Schiffman is a principled Chiropractor with an audacious vision to Reach the World with the message of specific, scientific Chiropractic. His philosophy is simple: Given the correct mindset, business strategies, and faith-based principles, leaders will reach their full potential of influence.

These principles have set the standard for a successful career for more than 30 years. Today, Dr. Schiffman speaks around the world as the authority on Chiropractic leadership, while continuing to provide care to professional athletes, influential leaders, and his community, at one of the largest Chiropractic practices in the world.

Reach the World with Chiropractic

One Dream, One Vision, One Mission: Reach The World. Dr. Schiffman is on a mission to encourage, inspire, and develop like-minded Doctors of Chiropractic who will lead the way in spreading the message of specific, scientific Chiropractic to the world.

What can Dr. Schiffman and RTW Chiropractic offer you?

  • Advanced Training
  • One-on-one coaching with Dr. Schiffman
  • Chiropractic conferences focused on developing you as a leader
  • In-office consultation
  • Exclusive resources proven to grow practices