The Power of Belief

The Power of Believe - Flickr Juhan SoninBelief is a powerful force.

Belief in yourself, in your practice, and in the art of Chiropractic is absolutely fundamental if we are to be successful in Reaching the World with Chiropractic. In life and in practice, believing the end result of your effort is the first step in obtaining it.

In his latest podcast, Dr. Rob teaches how to keep an unwavering focus on what we believe.

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Winning Is A Team Effort

Winning Is A Team Effort - Flickr Ada GonzalezWith the 2014 NBA Finals in the history books, I wanted to revisit a subject that I believe wholeheartedly: Winning is a Team Effort. In life and in business, I’ve seen time and time again the power of unified teams. Whether you’re on the basketball court, the baseball field, or even a Chiropractic Practice, success is reliant upon every individual playing his or her part and contributing to the overall success of the team.

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Authentic Marketing

Authentic MarketingAs Chiropractors, we are continually in the business of marketing Chiropractic to the masses. With so many people uninformed about the hope of Chiropractic health, we have a mandate to spread the word and reach the world. Over the course of my career as a Chiropractor and a Coach, I’ve learned the best marketing method is simple; Be authentic. In my latest podcast, the RTW Team dug into the archives to find the excellent resource from a message I delivered several years ago.

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Preparation and Daily Discipline

Preperation and Daily DisciplineDuring a recent conference call, Dr. Rob spoke about the disciplines he feels are essential when preparing yourself for the day ahead. Often, we must remove the interference that’s at play between our own two ears before we can help others. Proper preparation leads to effective time management, and an all-day focus on what’s important – and, in turn, what’s not. Dr. Rob believes setting the proper mindset is key in achieving success, leading effectively, and being an effective Doctor of Chiropractic or Chiropractic Professional.

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