Marketing: Empower Your Team


This Instant Download MP3 is part of our Dr. Rob Classics series. Summary: Learn to Empower Your Team to market your practice with authenticity, increasing Practice Member referrals.

Product Description

This resource is part of our Dr. Rob Classics series

We recently made available a select number of audio recordings from Dr. Rob Schiffman’s previous conferences and speaking engagements. You’ll find these “Dr. Rob Classics” are the foundation on which the Reach The World with Chiropractic movement was built.  (Click here to view all our Dr. Rob Classics)

About This Resource


As Chiropractors, we are continually in the business of marketing Chiropractic to the masses. With so many people uninformed about the hope of Chiropractic health, we have a mandate to spread the word and reach the world. Over the course of my career as a Chiropractor and a Coach, I’ve learned the best marketing method is simple; Be authentic.
– Dr. Rob Schiffman

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