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The Doctor’s Report with Dr. Rob Schiffman DVD + Workbook


Deliver your best, most confident Doctor’s Report ever.

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Recorded before a live audience, Dr. Rob demonstrates the same Doctor’s Report he delivers to his own Practice Members, on which he built one of the largest Chiropractic practices on the planet.

“The Doctor’s Report sets the tone for the Practice Member’s care plan. If you cannot clearly and confidently articulate the need for Chiropractic care, you cannot (and should not) expect your Practice Members to remain committed to their care plan.”
– Dr. Rob Schiffman

The Doctor’s Report Workbook provides step-by-step guidance for crafting your own powerful and compelling Doctor’s Report.

In reality, Chiropractors will spend more time before their Practice Members during the Doctor’s Report than the Adjusting Room. Mastering The Doctor’s Report is essential to grow your practice.

Format: DVD + Workbook
Length: 35:21 + 65 pages